How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram without cropping 2021?

How to post multiple pictures without cropping

  1. Open Instagram and tap on the + at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose your first photo — horizontal, square, or vertical.
  3. Choose all the consecutive photos that you want to post.
  4. Use your finger to drag the cropped photo around until you are happy with the positioning.

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How do you get the whole picture to fit in Instagram?

After choosing a photo to post, tap the gray Expand icon in the lower-left corner of the preview window. The entire picture will appear with a white border around it. Alternatively, pinch your fingers together on the image to zoom out and make it fit.

How can I make my whole picture fit on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app and upload your picture. You.ll notice that Instagram crops the picture to square by default, but you can click the expand arrows or pinch the image in the lower left to fit the whole picture on Instagram.
How do you post multiple wide pictures on Instagram?
In order to post multiple photos in one post, either long-press one of the photos or tap on “Select multiple” in the lower right corner of the first photo. You can then select the other photos, numbered in the order they will appear.

Tap Post, then tap . Select up to 10 photos and videos from your phone.s library. To adjust how each photo or video is cropped, tap it then touch the screen to adjust how it fits in the frame. Keep in mind that the orientation you choose (square, portrait or landscape) affects all of the photos or videos in your post.

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